This Quick Start Guide shows the easiest ways to find and view reviews and feature content in Booklist Online, using Search and Browse.

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You can jump right in and use Booklist Online to find books and reviews in two ways:
1. Search the database
2. Browse parts of Booklist Online

Note: You may browse Booklist Online content and search for reviews using Quick Search without logging in. However, in order to see the full text of all reviews and use many of the features of Booklist Online, you must be logged in, either as a subscriber who has set up password access or a patron who has created a profile in their library’s subscription. Enter your Username and Password in the boxes at the top right of any screen.


1. Find the search box at the top of the left panel under QUICK SEARCH and enter a word or more. Example: right wrong

Booklist Online will search for material with both words in the title .

2. By default, you will search for Titles containing your search word(s), but you can change the search field to Author, ISBN, or Keyword (throughout the entire record, including title and review text) by using the drop-down menu immediately under the search box.

3. By default, your search will be throughout All Content of Booklist Online, but by using the next drop-down box you can limit the search to either Reviews Only or Feature Content Only.

4. By default, your search will cover materials in All Sections, but you may use the next drop-down box to limit the search to one of four sections:
Adult Books

Books for Youth


Reference Sources

5. Click on the Go button next to the search box to start your search.

Viewing Search Results

A new screen tells you how many results your Quick Search produced. Records are displayed in Citation format (bibliographic information plus thumbnail of the item cover) and in the default publication Date order (most recent first). You can change the order in which your search results appear on this page by changing the drop-down box from Date to Title or Author/Editor. You can see a couple lines of text by changing the drop-down from Citation to Citation + Partial Text.

Up to 25 results appear on the screen. A search for content with right wrong in the Title produced the following results:

Quick Start - Search Results

Results list from a Quick Search for content with right wrong in Title.

Click on the underlined title of the work to see the full review for a single item. (example: Rights Gone Wrong: How Law Ignores Common Sense and Undermines Social Justice.)

Quick Start - Review Page

Review Page showing full review text and options for a selected review.

While on the Booklist Review page, you have several social, search, and data manipulation options.

Quick Start - Sharing Options

Share this title by using the social media icons above the cover thumbnail and bibliographic information: Like it on Facebook, Tweet it or search for tweets about it on Twitter, recommend on Google+, or bookmark and share through hundreds more services.

Click on the ISBN (example: 9780374250355) to connect to WorldCat and see nearby libraries that have this item in their catalog, and use other features of the WorldCat website.

Initiate a search for other titles by the author of this book by clicking the link under the review that says Find more titles by (author name).

Find more titles like this one by constructing a search in the Search for Similar Titles box below the review.

Quick Start - Add to List, Download, Print, Email

Using the data manipulation buttons at the top right of the screen, you will be able to add the item to a list, download it, print it, or email it.

More information on these options is available in the Working with Search Results guide.

Click on the BACK button on your browser to continue browsing through the results of your Quick Search.

On the Search Results Page

You may cumulate several items to see in detail by clicking the checkbox immediately to the right of any item number. Then click the black VIEW SELECTED ITEMS bar at the top or bottom of the search results page. Each item will be shown on a separate Booklist Review page, with all the usual social, search, and data manipulation options. Navigate to the Next or Previous item by using those links.

Quick Start - Navigation Options

Navigate back to the full search results page by clicking Back to Results.


Click on the links below to view example searches of the following:

Searching for works by a specific Author
Searching for a work by ISBN
Searching for a work by Keyword


Features and selected reviews from the current print issues of Booklist and Book Links may be browsed and viewed without logging in to Booklist Online. Additional content is available as Web Exclusives.

A Review of the Day and several Latest Articles are highlighted in the left center column of the home page. You can continue reading beyond the home page paragraph by clicking the >>Read More link. You will be able to read the complete article on the next page, but you will not be able to follow the links or use personalized features until you log in.

The far left panel shows an image of the current issue of Booklist (a semi-monthly print publication) and—further down—of Book Links (a quarterly publication).


A dozen or so articles from the current Booklist are listed by title, each with a link to the full article. You will be able to read the complete article on the next page, but you will not be able to follow the links or use personalized features until you log in. (Logged-in users have access to a menu that allows them to browse all reviews from the current Booklist.)

Web Exclusives

Five or six current features that are not available in the print issue, but are available only on the Web, are then listed and linked. Again, you will be able to read the complete article on the next page, but you will not be able to follow the links or use personalized features until you log in.

Book Links

Below the cover image of the current Book Links print issue is a text link for the monthly issue. Clicking this link takes you to a complete table of contents for the latest issue. You will be able to click through and read three or four features in the current issue without logging in.


Links to five frequently updated blogs maintained by Booklisters are located under the Blog title at the bottom of the left panel. Each of the blogs is available without logging in to Booklist Online.

Likely Stories

Book Group Buzz



Shelf Renewal

Additional free content is available through the horizontal tabs at the top of the screen: Awards, Great Reads, Newsletters, and Webinars.


You now have a quick basis for using Booklist Online, but more features are available. See the following Guide Sheets:

Working with Search Results in Booklist Online
Advanced Search in Booklist Online

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