Quick Start Guide—Searching by ISBN

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To search for a specific work by ISBN using Quick Search:

Every book volume is assigned an ISBN (International Standardized Book Number). This unique 10-digit (or more) number is coded to its country of origin and its publisher. ISBNs appear in the bibliographic citation for each book in Booklist Online. You may find ISBNs in publishers’ catalogs or other purchasing sources such as Amazon.com.

Example : The ISBN for the following book in Booklist Online is 1-580-08515-6.
The Cuisines of Spain: Exploring Regional Home Cooking.

Barrenechea, Teresa (author).

Nov. 2005. 352p. Ten Speed, hardcover, $40 (1-580-08515-6). 641.59.
REVIEW.First published November 15, 2005 (Booklist).

To search for a work by ISBN in Quick Search:

1. Change the top drop-down menu box to ISBN.

2. In the search box, enter the ISBN without hyphens:

Example: to search for the above title, enter:

3. Click on the Go button.

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