Quick Start Guide—Searching by Keyword

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A Keyword search in Quick Search scans the entire record, including title and review text, to find keywords matching your criteria.

To search for a specific work by Keyword using Quick Search:

1. Change the top drop-down menu box to Keyword.

2. In the search box, enter a word or words.

Note: A Boolean AND is assumed between keywords. If multiple words are entered, all words must appear in the record.

Example: Baghdad fall

The above search retrieves the record for the book The Fall of Baghdad, by Jon Lee Anderson.

Note: If you enclose your search words in quotation marks, Booklist Online will search for the words as an exact phrase.

Example: “Venus Williams”

The above search retrieves the record for the book Venus Williams, by Virginia Aronson, but it will not retrieve Venus and Serena Williams, by Jonatha A. Brown.

3. After you have entered your search criteria, click on the Go button.

Note: Booklist Online will find records matching your keyword criteria both from reviews and feature content, and from all sections, unless you limit these by changing the All Content and All Sections drop-down boxes.

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