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PBS Books Presents: What to Read this Summer with Booklist Reader

Join PBS Books and Booklist as we dive into all the must-read adult fiction books this summer. Whether you’re on the hunt for a quick weekend read, looking for a new series, or thinking about re-discovering a favorite author, there will be no shortage of great picks in this can’t-miss episode. So, grab a pen as we help you create your Summer Reading List! Watch the recording above or on the PBS Books Facebook page.

Booklist Review of the Day

Tiananmen Square
by Lai Wen

​Debut author Lai (a necessary pseudonym, given Beijing’s continued hostility to critics of the 1989 crackdown) writes with candor and vulnerability as personal and social anxieties blur into political unrest. In its unabashed affection for twentieth-century classics, this tale also reminds us that literature remains a vital means of resistance to anti-democratic forces.

Reviews in This Issue

Current Features

shelf care logoShelf Care Episode 35: After the Diversity Audit, and Farewell, Maggie (sad emoji)
By Susan Maguire

On this episode of Shelf Care: The Podcast, host Susan Maguire sat down with Johanna Boyle and Marie Mulder from the Kent District Library in Michigan about the necessary work of the diversity audit, and what to do once the audit is done (hint: it involves spreadsheets).

Booklist Backlist: Asian and Asian Pacific Café Mysteries
by Terry Hong

​Hankering for a killer good meal? Check out these cozily toothsome thrillers from Asian and Asian Pacific American writers, deliciously recommendable for APA Heritage Month.

photo of Greg Iles10 Questions for Greg Iles
By John Charles

Greg Iles has spent most of his life in Natchez, Mississippi. His first novel, Spandau Phoenix, was the first of many New York Times best-sellers.

Essentials: Historical Fiction in Graphic Novels
by Sarah Hunter

The visual format of comics and graphic novels is a fantastic vehicle for historical fiction, since backgrounds and character designs can quietly and seamlessly contain lots of world-building detail to support a story’s overall atmosphere and setting in addition to the action of the plot.

Essentials: The Civil War Reimagined
by Donna Seaman

The horrors of slavery and the Civil War tore the U.S. apart in ways that have yet to heal. Each of these deeply imaginative, thought-provoking, and moving novels grapples with the war’s violence and tragedy with insight, empathy, and artistic splendor.

Manga Essentials: Dragon Ball Buying Guide
by Sara Smith

With 40 years of publication history, Dragon Ball is a timeless fan-favorite with an overwhelming number of volumes in print. The recent, untimely death of Dragon Ball’s dedicated and talented mangaka, Akira Toriyama, is likely to boost interest in this popular series. If you’re wondering where to start, read on to help get this classic on your library shelves.

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