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Booklist Review of the Day

Brave the Wild River: The Untold Story of Two Women Who Mapped the Botany of the Grand Canyon
by Melissa L. Sevigny

​Meet intrepid, long-overlooked plant lovers Elzada Clover and Lois Jotter. Of different generations and temperaments, they joined forces at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor in 1938 when Clover, new PhD in hand, organized the first formal botanical survey of the Colorado River.

Reviews in This Issue

Current Features

Read-alikes: Women Scientists and a River of Adversity
by Donna Seaman

Brave the Wild River chronicles a daring 1938 scientific expedition in the Grand Canyon conducted by two women botanists who faced the challenges of nature and sexism. These gripping works portray other against-all-odds women scientists and chronicle other Colorado River explorations.

Top 10 Series Nonfiction: 2023
by Julia Smith

This year’s best new nonfiction series—reviewed between April 1, 2022, and March 15, 2023—encompass a pleasant potpourri of topics to freshen your shelves. Several offer new takes and perspectives on traditional topics, from geography to animal groups to American history, that will spark curiosity in readers’ minds.

Shelf Care logoShelf Care #27: RA Training, the Audies, and Mothman 
By Susan Maguire

On this episode of Shelf Care: The Podcast, host Susan Maguire talks to Jessica Trotter of the Capital Area District Libraries (MI) about all things readers’ advisory training, from grassroots staff efforts to defining core competencies and all kinds of stuff in between.

image from The Fiancee Farce10 Questions for Alexandria Bellefleur
​By John Charles

A Pacific Northwesterner at heart, Alexandria Bellefleur has a weakness for good coffee, Pike IPA, and Voodoo doughnuts and, here, answers the Booklist Blog​’s questions about her latest, The Fiancée Farce.

Booklist Backlist: Fashion in Historical Fiction
by Maribeth Fisher

In historical fiction, the clothes help make the characters, so it’s no surprise that are a good number of novels about characters who make the fashion.

LibraryReads logoLibraryReads April 2023 Picks

Every month, library staff from across the country have the chance to vote on upcoming adult titles that they loved reading and cannot wait to share. Participation is open to everyone who works in a public library, whether they are senior staff or new arrivals, in any area of the library.

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