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December 1, 2020 (Contents)

November 2020 (Contents)

Booklist's Guide to Graphic Novels in Libraries, 2020


Listen to Shelf Care Episode #11, Games! – featuring fun activities you and your family can enjoy at home.

Booklist Review of the Day

A World on the Wing
by Scott Weidensaul

​Naturalist Scott Weidensaul has written a number of titles, including The First Frontier (2012) and Living on the Wind (1999), one of several books about birds, which continue to fascinate him, particularly their migration.

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Current Features

Read-alikes: Bird Tales
by Donna Seaman

Each of these involving and enlightening books blends personal storytelling with science to chronicle transformative avian immersions.  

Top 10 Sci-Tech Books for Youth: 2020
by Ronny Khuri

​The top 10 sci-tech books from the past year, reviewed in Booklist between December 1, 2019, and November 1, 2020, include outstanding takes on familiar topics—evolution, the moon landing, bees—as well as uncommon subjects like fog, condors, and radium poisoning.

The Shelf Care Interview: Alex Sanchez

In this episode of the Shelf Care Interview, Maggie Reagan talks with Alex Sanchez about his newest book, The Greatest Superpower, which comes out in February 2021 from Capstone.

The Shelf Care Interview: Duchess Harris

In this episode of the Shelf Care Interview, author Duchess Harris provides a historical perspective from the pages of Being LGBTQ in America: LGBTQ Social Movements in America, and she discusses the importance of empathy in schools today. 

Top 10 Sci-Tech Books: 2020
by Donna Seaman

These exemplary works of popular science explore everything from the cosmos to animal culture, offering readers new, intriguing, and empowering ways of perceiving the world around us and within us.

Carte Blanche: See Here
by Michael Cart

In the Caldecott Medal acceptance speech for his innovative Black and Whitein 1991, author-illustrator David Macaulay observed that “it is essential to see, not merely to look,” adding “words and pictures can support each other.” 

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Digital Editions

December 1, 2020 (Contents)

November 2020 (Contents)